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18 September 1971

My friending policy. Well, my Squeee! Someone wants to friend me! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! policy. Click the friend button and do your thing. Don't ask if you don't wanna. Don't need to comment on my fic if you don't wanna. It's up to you. I'm not your mother. (Actually, if I am your mother, you are so in trouble, mister. You'd better have your math done and show your work! I'll be checking it later. There will be a pop quiz!) I'm so out of the ambivalence closet. You can ask me if you'd like to. If I don't friend you back, it's because I'm terrified that you're not old enough to read my locked stuff. I don't enter into adult-minor relationships on the web that involve adult material.

I'm shamelessly into slash/yaoi. Swoon! Gundam Wing is pretty much where my yaoi obsession has roosted. Hey. It's got guys, tons of violence, war, Tragic Pasts, and some seriously good fanfiction writers involved. Yay! <-- See? Shameless. I'm almost embarrassed. Almost. If you don't know what yaoi is and google doesn't work for you, well, try another search engine. I'm wallowing in Sentinel, Stargate, NCIS and Buffy at the mo'. But yes, I'm really going to someday hopefully finish that one GW fic that's just hanging there when I figure out how I screwed up the plot so darned bad.

I would never offend the pizza gods by carelessly treating their gifts without regard.

I believe that in order to change the injustice rampant in the world, every person must change the injustice s/he hands out to others. I will respect and accept your beliefs, your creeds, your ways, and your rights as valid and worthwhile; but I expect equal respect and acceptance for my beliefs, my creeds, my ways, and my rights as valid and worthwhile. I don't need to be saved because I don't believe the way you do.

"Breadfan" by Metallica was a defining moment in my life. So was the Great Wal-Mart Bathroom Incident, but Metallica was a lot less embarrassing.

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