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I have a facebook page for my real life social network. It's got a small friends list, by facebook standards, populated by friends, family, and professional acquaintances. If I haven't met someone face to face, that person isn't on my facebook friends list. My facebook friends include an older man who has been active in boy scouts since he was a cub scout, spanning almost 70 years of activism. He's an extreme conservative and is still disappointed that Santorum won't be POTUS. I have a lesbian, married to another woman with two young children, who is currently encouraging people not to vote and embrace anarchy. I have an older female friend who enjoys poetry and regularly campaigns for gun control, and her greatest disappointment was that Hillary didn't beat Obama. We ALL get along fine. We're colleagues and we respect each other, even political views we disagree with.

It depresses me that people label themselves politically and then decide that people with different labels are the enemy who are "destroying our country". We can all get along. I've seen it happen. We just have to decide to do it.