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Turkish Oil Wrestling

For all my slash lovin' friends, go here:


And this is why:

Half naked, muscley men covered in olive oil wrestling in a field; the object: stick your hand down your opponent's pants. This is shareworthy. Very, very shareworthy.

It's not safe for work if you have a filthy, filthy mind.

Fave pairing ev4!!!!1!!

I've thought about it for a while. I didn't have any OTPs for a long time, just some anti-OTPs here and there. Nowadays, I'm more OTPish. In Buffy, I like Xander, but only with Spike, Angel, or a good crossover (there's a fabbo Xander/Gibbs from NCIS story out there, whoa, baby!). I don't mind a well written Xander/other guy fic, but it must be well written or I do not forgive (for lack of a better term) the non-OTP pairing. OT3! Anyways. Avengers, it's Tony/Steve, Sentinel it's Jim/Blair (natch), SG it's Jack/Daniel and John/Rodney, though I lurve me some Lorne/Parrish or Markham/Stackhouse. Numb3rs is where I've figured it out, tho'. I like Charlie with Colby or Ian, and I'm okay with Don and Cooper, but I don't care to see anyone else paired up. Except Megan and Larry. And it MUST be Megan and Larry with each other and no one else. This is my favorite pairing ever, of all time, up to and including Doritos and melted cheddar. These two characters are beautiful together. :)
Holy Fuck LJ! You are NOT Facebook! I barely tolerate Facebook as it stands. I will not tolerate LJBook.
I have no interest in reading 50 Shades of Grey to start with. The whole learning to be a sub melodrama is as bad as the average BDSM poem. The Hulk puked in Aunt May's washing machine on an Ultimate Spiderman rerun last night. Same thing. That said:

I would be horrifically PO'd to find out that I paid money for a book that tons of people had read for free elsewhere, and is probably still circulating for free.

The transition from fic to profic is yay-worthy enough. Using regurgitated fanfic as "profic" without telling people? That's crap. I wouldn't consider it "pirating" to distribute saved copies of the fanfic a profic was revamped from, either. I would consider it piracy for someone to pass off a free fic as something that must be now paid for. Turnitin rates 50 Shades as 89% the same copy as the fanfic it came from. Can we derive rip off from that?

I don't buy books from fic-thors I don't know who yank their fanfic because I'm not forking cash for something I've already read for free.

That's my take.
I have a facebook page for my real life social network. It's got a small friends list, by facebook standards, populated by friends, family, and professional acquaintances. If I haven't met someone face to face, that person isn't on my facebook friends list. My facebook friends include an older man who has been active in boy scouts since he was a cub scout, spanning almost 70 years of activism. He's an extreme conservative and is still disappointed that Santorum won't be POTUS. I have a lesbian, married to another woman with two young children, who is currently encouraging people not to vote and embrace anarchy. I have an older female friend who enjoys poetry and regularly campaigns for gun control, and her greatest disappointment was that Hillary didn't beat Obama. We ALL get along fine. We're colleagues and we respect each other, even political views we disagree with.

It depresses me that people label themselves politically and then decide that people with different labels are the enemy who are "destroying our country". We can all get along. I've seen it happen. We just have to decide to do it.

Max is making gorgeous Avengers art. How have I missed this total yum?

Clicky here to see Tony and Steve.

Jun. 24th, 2012

I am not dead nor have I left fandom. I have written nothing this past, almost two months, except email and work. Holy cow. I was less busy getting a master's degree than I am now. WTF? I mean, really, WTF?
I have (unwisely consider time) fallen headlong into a new fandom. Avengers. Particularly, Iron Man. I was never that interested in Iron Man during my g33k-f3st as a comic book collector. Marvel's take on Stark the Geek was boooooring. They were more focused on his Batmanesqueness. Stark in slash-fic? Ahhh, he's fun. It pains me to admit this, but Stark can be more fun than Rodney. A crossover with Rodney and Tony snarking at each other would so totally rock. I'ma google now. :)

Week Three: Commented Fics

My comment on a fic day has run into a snag. *sigh*

I've been reading Keira Marcos' Tangled Destinies series all week long. (It's incomplete.) And while I did find positive constructive things to say on her writing craft, I was so caught up in the Keira Marcos Misogyny Thing (KMMT) that I didn't actually find positive constructive things to say about her writing craft until after I'd worked through the KMMT and the resulting thinking I'd ended up doing about slash-fic tropes. So, there were no comments from the muffin gallery last week. At all. Sadly.

Originally, I was going to stop here, with the this-is-what-I-read-and-why-I-didn't-comment-as-promised so I don't have to read Sailor Moon het fic written by 8 year olds, but. I worked through the KMMT in writing, as I usually work through theory things and, perhaps it's narcissistic and self-indulgent of me, but there is a minimum of discourse on the subject and, as an academic, my default setting is to join the discourse when I've written on it. That, and I'm a nobody in fandom so I feel pretty secure in the idea that no one will actually notice my contributions on the subject. So, under the cut is my addition to the KMMT. Fair warning, it's written the same way I'd write any lit crit paper, though with some editing for clarity and rhetorical sensitivity.

This Cut Hides the Lit Crit of KMMT via Tangled DestiniesCollapse )

Now, to take the literary criticism hat off and put the fanfic reader hat back on. I adore me some Keira fic. I love how the good guys exist solely to make sure the two main characters get together. I love how the bad guys are over the top in the Snidely Whiplash way, and how the good guys can do absolutely terrible things socially (diva! diva! diva!) and be praised for it, and how every fanfic trope rears their cliched little heads to make the whole thing a world of character-bashing fun.


Category: Pre-slash
Warnings: Angst, post TSbyBS, some cussing, un-beta'd
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own any portion of the Sentinel. No copyright infringement is intended.

There will be more. This came about from sentinel_thurs Challenge #433: cloud.

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