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Week 2: Commented Fics

Maybe this could be considered a "recs" kinda thing? Anyway.

I was grumpy and thoroughly procrastinaty on Monday. I keep picture a jackass with all four feet planted and a tractor or something tugging on the rope. So, I got to two on Tuesday.

Monday, April 16
Bad Muffie, bad. Read fic, no comments.

Tuesday, April 17
From SG-1: Biblio's flyboy_fanfic. Jack writes fanfic while Daniel does work. Like the rest of us, Jack knows that Jim and Blair are so doing it.

Wednesday, April 18
From GW: the incomparable Maladorer's Freeport. Duo. Wufei. Sci-fi drama-thriller. There isn't much fic that actually transcends fandom. This is one that does. A sci-fi fan would lurve this bad boy without knowing a danged thing about GW. Ah, Mal, you genius.

Thursday, April 19
Read no fanfic today. *sigh*

Friday, April 20
No fic today, but I did read a lot of the Covent-Garden Journals. Alas, Fielding would not be interested in my commentary, even if he were still alive.

Saturday, April 21
Read some fic, did not comment. I think "read" is too strong of a word. Skimmed works better. Stood in the bathroom with an icepack for my head and shook my finger at my reflection. Bad Muffie, no biscuit!

Sunday, April 22
I finished off Maladorer's Freeport. Hot damn that woman can write.

And, from SG-1, Paian's Not Us, a clone!Jack and clone!Daniel tale that's very natural, sort of an "of course that would happen". No Loki being a stinker. Lots of sex, tho'.